BablBox Features:
A beautifully simple design

BablBox features have been inspired by our own parenting journey, as well as by other mums and dads who feel there is a lack of real-time & genuine support at the local community level.
BablBox fills that gap by connecting parents in local communities so they can share ideas, stories, advice and information.

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    Community Parent Groups

    All parents in a group are local to each other and are at a similar stage of their parenting journey.

    Setup Interest Groups

    Setup or join local groups based on common interests & hobbies.


    Share your parenting highs and lows with other local parents, ask questions or share your own wisdom. All in a dynamic way.


    Create polls with other parents, whether you are looking to confirm a meet-up date, location or are undecided which childcare choice to go for. Easy!

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    Buy & Sell

    Buy & sell pre-loved items to each other within the community.

    Event Community Board

    Parents can recommend and search for local community events that are posted by other parents in-the-know.


    Hassle-free way of organising meet-ups & events via Poll and Calendar features.


    Access to BablMag, where our mum and dad bloggers share their own tips and stories.

    How does it work?

    BablBox features allow parents can connect with other mums and dads in their communities
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      Download & Install

      BablBox will initially be launched on Android and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store

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      Setup Your Account

      The setup process which includes mobile and email verification ensures your account info is safe, and all account information are genuine

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      Set Up Your Profile

      By entering your postcode, BablBox will place you in the right default local community group. Don't worry, you can always explore or create other location groups in addition to your default one

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      Your Default 'Location Group'

      Parents are placed in the same community group with other parents based on their location and age of children, so they are at a similar stage of their parenting journey

    Frequently asked questions about the BablBox features

    Find answers to some of the top questions raised by other parents

    1. Why is BablBox different to other social platforms?

    BablBox is a purpose-built app built with parents in mind. Whilst we could talk about all the benefits of the app and its features, we want you to be the judge, so make sure to download it now and see for yourself.

    2. Could parents use an alternative standard social media platform?

    They could, but it would not be an all-encompassing, easy to use and fun app that is packed with features built for parents specifically, all with a community ‘feel’ at its heart.

    3. What if I wanted to cancel my subscription?

    You can cancel your subscription at anytime, no strings attached.

    4. Can I only join local community groups?

    We have set up BablBox with a hyper-local community feel at its heart. Therefore, if you happen to live on a border of two communities, you can join both groups if you wish. All you need is an invite link from a fellow parent in the neighbouring community. Equally, you can create your own location and interest-focused groups and invite others to join your conversation .

    5. Will my details be shared with any third parties?

    We will not share your data with third parties.

    6. Why do we not offer a free platform?

    In order to continue to improve our services and the features of BablBox for all parent subscribers, we charge a low monthly fee.

    7. If I move location, do I need to re-join the platform?

    No, you are able to edit your postcode details in your profile which will automatically add you to your local community group for your new postcode, whilst at the same time retaining your groups based on your previous postcodes (because we understand relationships would have been established there; you can opt to delete these previous groups however, if you no longer need them).

    8. Why don't we offer payment platform in the app for the buy & sell feature?

    Currently BablBox does not include an online payments feature.  The hyper-local community set up ensures all parents are local to each other to be able to meet to exchange goods and money. Who knows, exchanging in person may help you meet a potential parent who becomes a life-long friend.

    9. If I create a public event, does everyone on the platform see the event?

    Only parents in your local community group(s) will see the event. We understand parents with kids quite often find it difficult to travel long distances for events, so rather than fill the event board with events too far for parents to get to, its been setup to advertise local community events.

    10. Why do we have a mums and dads group options?

    We understand all parents (aspiring, new and experienced) are unique. There will be topics discussed across these three group types that only mums find interesting or are comfortable talking about with other mums; we offer the same equality to dads across these three group types.  Ultimately the choice is yours on who you want your audience to be when you setup any group.

    Some kind words

    We are very proud of BablBox and its features. Read our testimonials from parents who have test driven the BablBox app.
    ''Congratulations on putting together something which moves in some way to solving a problem! Incredible!''
    Sarah Cambridge, UK
    ''I love this app already and I know lots of mums that would use the app``
    Liz Harrogate, UK
    ''Love it! Think it looks really good. I particularly think there is a real need for more support around mental health and parenthood. Great work!''
    Emma Cambridge, UK